Vacancy Ann. # STOI-18-120
Department 477 TANF
Location SPOKANE, WA
Rate of Pay $15.32 - $18.38 PER HR, DOE, DOQ
Opening Date SEPTEMBER 11, 2018
Closing Date SEPTEMBER 18, 2018


The Licensing Specialist will be responsible for inspecting, licensing, and monitoring child care centers, family day care homes, youth centers, and license-exempt providers within the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) to ensure enforcement of child care regulations and the provision of quality child education development programs. Additionally, the Licensing Specialist will also inspect, review, and monitor these same sites for compliance with the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) regulations and requirements as necessary.


  • Inspects child care facilities including child care centers, family day care homes, youth centers, and license-exempt providers to assess compliance with applicable laws and regulations and ensure that facilities meet existing health and safety codes.
  • Reviews the background and qualifications of prospective and current care givers, including education, work experience and background checks.
  • Develops and conducts workshops for all providers designed to improve the quality of educational programs and to enhance the ability and capability of facilities or homes to effectively meet the needs of the children being served; develops and provides training seminars and workshops for licensees.
  • Evaluates child care centers, family day care homes, youth centers, and license-exempt providers to determine the age appropriateness of activities and curriculum.
  • Ensures that facilities meet existing health and safety codes; Investigates complaints concerning child care facilities.
  • Evaluates provider applications and case history, if necessary, and recommends issuance or denial of licenses; may recommend an injunction or emergency closure order based on degree of risk to children; prepares and coordinates legal documents for administrative and court hearings and may appear as an expert witness.
  • Recruits new child care licensees and facilities.
  • Investigates complaints regarding unlicensed facilities and assists them in becoming licensed or registered; cooperates with the appropriate outside agencies in cases where other actions may be warranted.
  • Explains applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures to groups and other interested parties.
  • Recommends and arranges for training for licensees in such areas as discipline techniques, facility management, attending to needs of special children and recognition of child abuse;
  • Recommends corrective action plans to enforce compliance of facilities with applicable laws, codes and regulations;
  • Reviews and evaluates the quality of early childhood education programs to ensure the use of developmentally appropriate programming and curriculums;
  • Provides technical assistance to providers to ensure age appropriate programming and programming that meets the needs of children with disabilities;
  • Prepares reports, evaluations and responses to complaints and may assist in the preparation of a newsletter and other informational materials;
  • Prepares and presents testimony for administrative hearings, trials or lawsuits;
  • Uses automated technologies to record and report the results of inspections of child care centers, family day care homes, youth centers, and license-exempt providers;
  • Assists child care providers in meeting licensing requirements and attaining optimum quality through on-going technical assistance, consultation and training.
  • Provides assistance in developing policy, administrative rules, licensing procedures, and forms used for the child day care licensing process.
  • Prepares licensing reports, interim evaluations, and consultative reports; conducts related correspondence; maintains records of regulatory activities.
  • Participates in conferences, seminars, and workshops to share information about program services and licensing.
  • Interviews personal references and conducts background investigations of applicants.
  • Performs other related duties.


  1. Provides on-site initial training:
  2. CACFP policies and procedures
  3. Nutritional requirements
  • Ongoing evaluation of provider training needs
  • Implements training and documents the training as necessary
  • Ongoing technical assistance
  • Adapts training to individual needs of providers:based on education levels and learning styles
  • Ensures providers have knowledge of program requirements in order to be successful
  • Documentation of all training and technical assistance in CACFP file
  • Prepares for the on-site visit by checking records of claiming patterns and problems identified at previous visits
  • Follows sponsoring organizations review schedule and ensures all reviews are done in compliance with State and Federal time frames.
  • Reviews performance of providers at on site reviews and by monitoring monthly menu review.
  • Completes all aspects of the on-site review in accordance with Federal guidelines and State and CNP Policy and documents accordingly:
  1.  Meal types and times
  2.  Meal components
  3.  Meal counts
  4.  Menu review and paperwork documentation
  5. 5 day reconciliation
  6. Enrollment verification
  7. Tiering review/ or free and reduced priced apps
  8. CACFP expenses
  • Ensures foods are prepared and served following food safety guidelines and quality standards.
  • Provides menu suggestions to encourage variety in foods and preparation methods that are consistent with healthy practices.
  • Provide resource materials for menus, recipes, and meal planning.
  • Reviews and documents the content of the entire review. Corrective action if identified is documented and follow up action is planned.
  • Menu concerns are documented in CACFP file, and in consultant notebook for follow-up.
  • Other related duties as assigned.


  • Considerable knowledge of day care planning concepts and techniques.
  • Considerable knowledge of early childhood development and behavior.
  • Considerable knowledge of preschool and early-elementary education programs.
  • Considerable knowledge of administrative hearing and court procedures.
  • Considerable knowledge of information gathering and report writing methods and techniques.
  • Ability to provide professional consultation with regard to program operations, professional services, and staff development as it relates to child day care and its regulatory requirements.
  • Ability to make independent decisions, prioritize assignments, and organize workloads.
  • Ability to establish and maintain professional relationships with other agencies or other professional affiliates.
  • Ability to maintain records and prepare reports and correspondence related to the work.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with others.


  • AA Degree or equivalent credits from a four-year college in the area of either; Education, Early Childhood Education, Health Education, or Social Work
  • Two years of experience in working with children. 
  • Valid Washington State Driver’s License and tribally insurable.
  • Successful clearance of Tribal, State, and Federal Criminal History and Background inquiry; with an ability to obtain and retain a Department of Early Learning Portable Background Check.
  • Successful clearance of Child Abuse & Neglect Registry and Sex Offender Registry. 
  • Must have knowledge of the administration, organization, and operation of public and private child day care programs.
  • Must have knowledge of licensing rules, requirements, and regulations governing child day care and child nutrition program.
  • Must have knowledge of protective services programs for children and the referral processes to be used.
  • Must be able to effectively research and analyze data, and to prepare clear and concise reports of findings.
  • Must have the ability to investigate and handle abuse and neglect situations with effective timeliness.
  • Must be able to represent the department in administrative or court hearings.
  • Demonstrate an understanding, ability, personality, emotional stability, and physical health suited to meet the cultural, emotional, mental, physical, and social needs of the children in care.

Applications Are Available In the Tribal Human Resources Department

P.O. Box 206, Wellpinit, WA 99040

Or At         

Contact: Sabrina McCoy or Andrea Flett

(509) 458-6583 or (509) 458-6527

FAX: (509) 458-6556

E-mail: or

Applications Must Be Received In the Human Resources Department No Later

Than 4:30 p.m. on the Closing Date

The Spokane Tribe Reserves the Right to Hire According To Its Indian

Preference Policy

Applicants Are Subject To a Pre-Employment Drug Test

Positions with the Spokane Tribe Are Subject To a 90-Day Orientation Period