Gaming has been a part of the Spokane Tribe of Indians culture for centuries. Hand Game and its songs have been passed down from generation to generation and today is still strong within our Tribe. In its early days Hand Game players used shawls, moccasins, beaded jewelry and other personal items to wager with.

Hand Game evolved over the years to become known as Stick Game and money is used now for wagering.

During the Annual Spokane Tribal Labor Day Pow Wow you will hear the Stick Game drum beats and songs non-stop. Time is always set aside during our Labor Day Pow Wow for a special round of "traditional" old time Stick Game played by women only.

Indian Gaming today is a major catalyst for community growth and economic development within many Tribes. The Spokane Tribe sees modern Indian Gaming as a way to achieve economic self-sufficiency for Spokane Tribal members and future generations to come.