Spokane Tribe of Indians

The Spokane Tribe of Indians are of the Interior Salish Group, which has inhabited northeast Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana for many centuries.  The Spokane Tribe now lives on 159,000 acres in Wellpinit, Washington, and continue to contribute to the larger community of Spokane, Washington. We welcome you and thank you for wanting to learn more about the proud Children of the Sun.

Community Develpment Fund

Grand Coulee Dam

The 111th Congress knows the issue as H.R. 3097 and Spokane Tribal members know the issue as one that has gone too long without fair and equitable compensation. H.R. 3097’s official definition is; To provide for equitable compensation to the Spokane Tribe of Indians of the Spokane Reservation for the use of tribal land for the production of hydropower by the Grand Coulee Dam, and for other purposes. more»

Study Clears Spokane Tribe's Project

Today the Spokane Tribe of Indians released the results of an independent study undertaken to assess potential effects of their multi use project on Fairchild Air Force Base.

The BIA studied the Fairchild issue thoroughly during the Environmental Impact Study process and now the Tribe is revealing the results of a second independent study that has concluded that STEP and Fairchild can exist compatibly.  “Both the EIS and now the Madison Report conclude that STEP will have no negative impact on existing and future operations at Fairchild Air Force Base. The Spokane Tribe has worked closely with the Air Force and Bureau of Indian Affairs to ensure any and all mitigation measures recommended for the sake of Fairchild were accommodated in the EIS. The Air Force has never expressed concern about STEP regarding so-called encroachment to the base and the Madison Report emphatically shows that STEP will not negatively impact base operations.  At a time when we should all be pulling together to address the only real encroachment issue on the base - the mobile home park - it is unfortunate that some continue to attack STEP with arguments that cannot be squared with the fact-based conclusions set forth in the EIS and the Madison Report”
stated Tribal Chairman Rudy Peone. more»

HUD Community Challenge Grant

What’s the Vision?

The vision of the Sustainable Community Master Plan is to support our tribal community in attaining a desirable quality of life; to include our traditional homelands and promote a clean, healthy, safe, drug-and alcohol-free environment for our people. This will be accomplished through sustainable and culturally-relevant practices that include preserving natural areas and promoting access to education, transportation, public, private and non-profit jobs, recreation and housing choices to meet the current needs of the tribal community and future generations.

STOI HUD Community Challenge Grant
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