Today, the Spokane Indian Reservation is approximately 159,000 acres in size.

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The Community Development Fund was established to benefit health and well-being of the residents of the Reservation

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Our vision is to achieve true sovereignty by attaining self-sufficiency.

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Spokane Tribe of Indians

The Spokane Tribe of Indians are of the Interior Salish Group, which has inhabited northeast Washington, northern Idaho and western Montana for many centuries.  The Spokane Tribe now lives on 159,000 acres in Wellpinit, Washington, and continue to contribute to the larger community of Spokane, Washington. We welcome you and thank you for wanting to learn more about the proud Children of the Sun.


Cayuse Mountain Fire Victims on the Spokane Indian Reservation
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Contractors, vendors, suppliers, architects, designers, engineers, other consultants or businesses interested in working with STEP may submit contact information at:   STEPSPOKANE.COM


Spokane Tribal 1881 Celebration

I would like to extend my gratitude to each and every one of you who have contributed to, made welcomed comments, support and good words of encouragement on the 1881 powwow.


As a Tribe it warms my heart to see us, as a people, acknowledging and supporting a part of our Tribal history. We were then, and are now, and will be in the future, a proud people, a family, a nation; and to the non-Spokanes, non-Native who stand with us and support us and who have done so in the past, today, and in the future. We are all an example as we stand together we offer an example to our children, grandchildren and future generations hate and intolerance need not be in our heart.


Please mark your calendar, pass the word, and see you all at the 136th year celebration, powwow grounds, Wellpinit, WA, Spokane Indian Reservation. It is our powwow to celebrate together as One!


hi sḷ̓x̣l̓ax̣̣t, hi snkʷsixʷxʷ, sqelixʷ (my friends, my relatives, all people) Today we stand together (yetłx̣ʷa u qeʔ t̓pip) We are strong (qeʔ uł yo yot) Our hearts good (xest łu qeʔ spuʔ pʔ us)


I am grateful (čI yeʔc lemti)


tap̓it kʷil kʷil sta mlqnups (David Red Antelope BrownEagle)





Spokane Tribe supporting Standing Rock Sioux Nation

Dave BrownEagle, vice chair STOI, Damien Badboy, Darren and Alex Flett, Tribal citizens offering the Spokane Tribe of Indians flag to protest group as a show of support and solidarity on behalf of Spokane Tribe.

A resolution was also provided to Standing Rock Sioux Nation.


Agreement with Spokane Tribe and City of Spokane

A meeting was held Tuesday, August 9, at city hall, Spokane, WA to formalize a possible agreement with the City of Spokane representatives from Mayor’s office, City Council, Park Board, Riverfront Park Arts Committee, Inland NW Wildlife Council, and possible participation from carver of Expo ’74 coastal totem pole - Joe David, Province of British Columbia and Canada.

Dave BrownEagle, Vice Chair STOI and Grace Branstetter GATF Powwow were in attendance on behalf of the Spokane Tribe and Riverfront Park powwow, respectively. Randy Abrahamson and James Harrison were absent and each have and continue to have an important role in this on-going process.

The primary focus was renaming the island, presently named Canada Island, to a salish name; and to formally agree, that the Spokane Tribe of Indians and the city of Spokane and all its representatives of the different entities, i.e. City Council, Park Board, etc. are receptive to acknowledge that each will work together to enhance any sites that are pertinent to the Spokane Tribe’s interest.

A tentative signing ceremony will take place on August 27. Exact time will be announced later. This will coincide with the powwow that will be held in Riverfront Park that day.


BJ Kieffer, councilman Danny Kieffer, Vice chair Dave BrownEagle and Attorney Ted Knight attended the Columbian Basin Tribes and First Nations Leadership meeting, November 9 and 10, in Spokane, WA.


Governor approves, STEP moves forward

June 8, 2016 – Gov. Jay Inslee today announced his agreement with the federal Department of Interior’s approval of the Spokane Tribe Economic Project (STEP). The Governor’s decision was the final action needed to move forward with the entertainment and retail project on the West Plains.

Gov. Inslee said he carefully reviewed the record and determined that STEP would create jobs and enhance tribal public services on the Spokane Reservation.

“This is not a simple situation with an easy, clear-cut answer,” Inslee said. “I wanted to be sure to fully understand all perspectives on this issue before making a decision. All sides have very compelling arguments in favor of and against this proposal. After much consideration, I decided that allowing the Spokane Tribe to develop on its federally recognized land was both fair and appropriate under the federal legal requirements.”

With Gov. Inslee’s concurrence, STEP can move forward after more than a decade of process and review.

“We are thankful for Governor Inslee’s support to help our Tribe with self-sufficiency while providing a major economic impact to the entire Spokane region,” said Carol Evans, chair of the Spokane Tribal Council.

More than 15,000 people sent postcards to Gov. Inslee supporting STEP including support from the City of Airway Heights, members of the Spokane City Council, local business leaders, and Tribes throughout the State of Washington.

The Spokane Tribe recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Northeastern Washington-Northern Idaho Building and Construction Trades Council to ensure the highest standards and best working conditions.

To keep the public informed of the construction schedule and collect contact information of people seeking to fill the need for construction related and permanent jobs, the Tribe announced a completely new STEP Spokane website:

STEP: Spokane Tribe Economic Project